Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcome to my first posting

I asked my dad to type this as I am in desperate need of a nap.

My name is Gizzi, short for Gizzimoto. I'm a Pekingese. That means that I'm royalty and you better treat me as such :) Dad pretty much calls me "Silly" as I enjoy making Dad laugh. I am always happy. I believe my tail is well attached to my body as it wags all the time.

Mum and Dad adopted me from Louisiana. I wasn't being treated very well over there and my old parents abandoned me. I was in rough shape and had to have some teeth pulled, my nose operated on and all of my fur shaved off my body because it was all tangled up and gross.

My new parents drove to Maine from New Brunswick to pick me up. Rocky gave me a lift from New Iberia Parish in Louisiana to Biddeford, Maine. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I was pretty scared.

As soon as I got off that stuffy old truck that brought me north, Mum and Dad hugged and kissed me. I knew I was going to have a great life from now on.

That's my foster mum who brought me up from Louisiana (in the blue). I miss her but know I'm in with loving people.
I was adopted by Mum and Dad on November 11th. I always remember that date because it's "Remembrance Day" in Canada. We drove home that night. Dad stopped at Burger King to give me a few pieces of chicken. I suppose he figured I hadn't eaten very well on my journey to my new home. I devoured those chicken strips in no time. I wish Dad would bring me there again!

Then Dad stopped at Walmart on the way home and picked up lots of goodies for me... food (I like Purina Little Bites), a couple of really nice food dishes, lots of toys, a leash and a collar.

I was surprised when I got to my new home. Dad had an "indoor dog house" all set up for me. Sometimes, when I want a little bit of privacy, I sleep on the comfy blanket in my dog house.

Almost a month after I arrived in New Brunswick, Canada, something special happened... it snowed. This stuff was cold but soft and white. I ran through it and played for a little bit. Do you know what the best part of snow is? I can try to write my name in the snow when I pee. I'm not very good at it though... unless my name was "dot" or "abstract art dog".

Dad took a video of me running through the snow. I'll ask him to post it on here soon. You can see it at

Dad gets up earlier than I do. He insists I take a short walk with him so I can do my business. I guess he figured out that if I don't "take care of business", I may have to resort to conducting business in the house. So while Dad goes to work, I hang around the house. I ask him to turn the TV on so I can watch Fox News. Dad makes sure I have enough water in my dish. Sometimes I chase and play with my tennis balls. I really like the red ball Dad bought me. He also bought me a smaller pink ball with a bell inside of it. I miss Dad while he's at work but I catch up on my beauty sleep so I can play with him all night!

I better tell you this because I'd rather you hear it from me than from Dad. I'm a snorer. Dad laughs at me but I can't help it. I've got such a short snout that I grunt like a pig when I smell things up close.

Dad tells me that I'm very affectionate. I can't help wanting to hug Dad and Mum often. I really like it when Dad decides to lay back on the sofa... it's my time to hop on pop and fall asleep on his tummy or chest.

Well, I better end this or Dad won't take me for my evening walk. Bye!